• Reasonably Priced
  • Profitable
  • Guaranteed

Only $65 per Call

  • Flat fee no suprises
  • Every lead is delivered exclusively and directly to you
  • During the business hours and phone number you choose
  • Leads are NEVER shared or resold
  • You get real-time email alerts with links to call recordings
  • All marketing optimization and call tracking included

Billable ONLY if they are...

  • For a service your trade offers
  • Within your pre-agreed territory
  • From a caller with intent for standard services
  • Calls over 30 seconds
  • Any call where an appointment is made
  • Any call redirected to another extension
  • Any call asked if they can be called back later.
  • Missed calls*** – You need to answer them!
    (ask about our missed call prevention service!)

Not billable if they are

  • Salespeople – Telemarketers
  • Automated software calls – Robo Dialers
  • Outside your pre-agreed territory
  • Job Seekers
  • Parts shoppers
  • Obviously unrelated and irrelevant

If we make an obvious mistake, we’ll make it right!

*** We do charge for missed calls. You pay us to drive calls to you during the hours you specify. You have to be available to take them. If you miss a call, by all means, call them back and get some business from them. Ask about our missed call prevention service

Who will get these calls?

You or your Competitor?

There’s no smarter, safer, more consistent way to grow your company.

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