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Buying Customer Calls Is The Fastest, Safest, Most Consistent Way To More Jobs And Profits.

We’re committed to making you profits from week one and keeping you profitable well into the future. 
These examples show we’re not in this for the short term. We want you happy and profitable long term!

Call Report Results

This is a weekly call report with a grand total of 57 leads in one week, 6244 leads from start of campaign. You can see one missed call on Saturday.
Important: You specify the hours to receive calls. Missed calls are charged. Ask about our solution to help you prevent missed calls.

Monthly Volumes

This graph shows call stats over 4 years by monthly volume. We want you long term. This one is over 5500 calls in 4 years.

Multiple Phones

This graph shows call stats over 4 years to multiple phone numbers by monthly volume. Use separate numbers per location or per advertisement to track effectiveness.  This customer received 7823 calls since the start of the program.

309 qualified leads in 10 mos

This graph shows call stats over 10 months resulting in 309 qualified leads.  Using our scripts and sales insights, this customer booked 82% of all service calls and 67% of install calls led to sales.

140 qualified leads in 2 mos

This graph shows call stats over 2 months resulting in 140 qualified leads.  This customer was not as good on the phone, yet booked 65% of all service calls.  They did not order install calls which were more expensive.  We no longer separate service and install calls.  You pay the same regardless of call type.

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You or your Competitor?

There’s no smarter, safer, more consistent way to grow your company.

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